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Commercial Diving

We Cover All Your Diving Needs

Captain Peter Sachs has been commercial diving for more than 40 years. He cut his teeth working off the southern tip of Africa well known to have one of the world’s most stormy coastlines. This particular coast line has been part of a major sea route for centuries and has become the graveyard of many a ship. Before Captain Sachs  relocated to Canada in 1999, salvaging lost cargoes on shipwrecks was his specialty (see the section on shipwrecks for more details)

As one of the leading underwater solution providers, Alpha Anchor & Pile Ltd offers a variety of diving services. Our divers are certified and are skilled in what they do. Therefore, we can guarantee that all your commercial diving requirements are in very capable hands.

Buoyancy Installation

Ever get that sinking feeling? Then call on AA&P, we’ll raise or level your float home, boatshed or dock. AA&P has installed hundreds of tonnes of floatation in the lower mainland and we are widely regarded as leaders in this field. We have designed and built a Buoyancy Inserting Device, also known as BID, that supports floating structures. Using this device, we place strategically positioned foam billets beneath listing or under-buoyant floating structures.

Getting that sinking feeling? Call Alpha Anchor & Pile Ltd.


Our diver operating system can move unconsolidated sediment up to 300 ft from the dredge location, where it could be pumped on a barge or land-based disposal facility. Our 8-inch centrifugal pump with its flexible hoses allows divers to work under floating structures saving time and the costs of moving it as would be required for overhead clamshell operations. (see video on these pages.


AA&P has salvaged many sunken vessels and even a float home. We are equipped with all the necessary lifting gear and portable pumps.


Environmental baseline surveys and debris removal are an important part of our underwater activities. Non-destructive testing (NDT) and photographic surveys are also important.

Maintenance And Repairs

We have a wide range of underwater tools and equipment to do almost any job. This would include hydraulic chainsaws, drills, grinders, Sawzall, impact wrenches, welders and thermic cutting gear.

Construction And Installation

We can make it and install it. Our waterfront fabrication shop is well suited to custom fabricate structures to be installed underwater.