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Anchors and Piles

AA&P have a versatile tug and barge flotilla that can work in remote places. Here the tug “Bashee” assists the barge “Buffalo” screw in a 16 inch helical pile

Anchors and Piles From The Experts

Anchor work is Alpha’s fastest-growing division. From the installation of small mooring buoys to large breakwaters, we have the experience to design and install anchor systems for practically every application. Our expert team is well-known for delivering quality structures at economic rates.

Empowered With The Latest Tools And Technology

With a rich history spanning over a decade, our team has acquired considerable expertise, sometimes through trial and error, developing cutting edge techniques to make Alpha Anchor and Pile leaders in this field. This is exactly why we understand the importance of innovation and make use of the latest tools and technologies in the maritime industry to deliver effective marine services to our clients.

Professional Planning and Designing

From our waterfront base set in the heart of the Port of Vancouver, we focus on lasting solutions. Therefore, to aid us in the planning and design phases we use high-resolution sonar equipment, computer-aided drafting and satellite mapping systems. These technologies help us provide sustainable and durable solutions. Hence, if you are looking for peace of mind when anchoring your valuable marine assets look no further than Alpha Anchor and Pile LTD.

Advanced Solutions With Alpha Anchor & Pile Ltd

We design and build some of the most advanced underwater anchor systems in North America. As a result of this, we continuously strive to innovate and stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Recently Captain Peter Sachs was invited by the Italian Trade Commission to attend and participate in the Genoa Boat Show and the High Technology Conference in Bari Italy.

Helical Anchors And Piles

Over the last few years, Alpha Anchor & Pile Ltd has been developing helical screw-in piles by adapting a land-based system to the marine environment. This is an advantage where lateral loads are often paramount. Like our other services, helical piles and anchors are offered at competitive rates and can be installed even in confined situations by our expert crew.

The SmartPile ™ Principle

Take a walk around most marinas in B.C. and you will notice that amongst flotillas of multi-million-dollar yachts, are rather scruffy looking piles. They may be the old, creosoted wood variety or rusty steel edifices. Painting them doesn’t really work because the paint simply gets rubbed off with every tide change. The good news is that Alpha Anchor and Pile Ltd (AA&P) have pioneered the installation of helical piles and anchors in a marine environment. From this, the concept of “smart” piles has been developed. So now marina owners have the opportunity to smarten up their piles. Captain Peter Sachs, President of AA&P, takes up the story: “After we installed a polyethylene cover with a white cap over one of our new piles, a dockhand said that it looked like the pile was wearing a tuxedo. That is when I thought of the concept ‘smart pile’.”

Smart Piles are smart because:

  • Helical piles are screwed into the seabed with very little disturbance to residents both in the sea and on land.
  • The low profile (air draught) of the installation equipment enables piles to be placed beneath overhead structures.
  • Once installed, helical piles can be relocated by simply unscrewing them. • Axial load capabilities can be very high and predictable.
  • Polyethylene covers are extremely abrasive resistant. • A close fitting rustproof cover reduces the oxidation of the steel.
  • SmartPiles are basically maintenance free.
  • SmartPiles look smart!

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